Si hay alguna foto que te pertenece y no tiene los creditos correspondientes por favor decime!//If I have pictures that belong to you without any credits,please tell me!

miércoles, 28 de julio de 2010

So bicycles...

/////lovely ride Memis /////

The very first thing i thought this morning....

BIKES! BIKES! So D loves them and i kinda love them as well..funny ..i don't know how to ride them!Anyways, so i ran into this great photoshoot in DAY DREAM LILY Simply Beautiful!I wish i knew!...maybe it's time to learn!

martes, 27 de julio de 2010


So i guess I've been drawing since for ever. A couple of days ago i found this drawing, my mom's portrait!...i recognized her earrings! crystal cube studs! I should probably give it to her now, twenty something years later...i'm sure she will love it!

The very first thing i thought this morning....

One of my greatest finds: THE LOVE SHOP is simply awesome! i love all of their posters and prints!

lunes, 26 de julio de 2010

Día primero

¡Hoy es día de inauguración! Como todo primer día hay emoción y ansiedad. Pompones: first day of an endless journey....Bon Voyage!